Merchant Benefits

Rethink point of sale financing and enjoy the benefits of PayFina

High approval rates and better finance terms means more satisfied customers and increased sales for you!

Merchant Benefits

High Approval Rates

With low merchant discount fees and next business day funding

Increase Customers’ Buying Power

Approvals up to $5,500

Less Work for Your Employees

Customers can apply directly from their computer or smartphone

Application Does Not Impact Credit Score

More incentive for customers to apply

Transparent, Affordable Finance Terms

Resulting in increased customer acceptance

100-Day Early Payoff Promotion

Help close the sale with early payoff incentives

High Customer Satisfaction

Increases repeat business

PayFina Assumes the Credit Risk

So you don’t have to!

A Simple Enrollment Process

You can get up and running with PayFina’s point of sale financing in 3 easy steps.


Begin by filling out our online Enrollment Form


PayFina will provide you with your online access credentials in as little as 24 hours.


Once you’re set up, PayFina provides ongoing training and marketing support.

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